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Slackonomics: Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction

Is this Gidget the Humping Dog?

So I’m in LA doing book promotional stuff when I have a very LA moment. At the local coffee place in West Hollywood, suddenly there’s a buzz about a celebrity in our midst, which turns out to be Samantha’s humping dog from Sex in the City. So I stop to pet the dog and snap a photo so I can tell people about my little celebrity encounter, but later decide to google the dog. Now I think this is more of an LA moment that I first bargained for; Gidget the Dog is, according to one blog, a New York doggie actress, and of the various photos of Gidget on the internet, they don’t look so much like the dog at Marco’s cafe! Was I suckered about the celebrity status of this dog?! You decide.

UPDATE! I have official confirmation that this is indeed Gidget from her owner/manager, Mary, who was in LA on a biz trip (that’s her feet in the photo, with the identifying dolphin tattoo). She counts this as Gidget’s first paparazzi moment! See the link here for Gidget’s diary, and comments below.

  • marygormley

    Hi Lisa! Well. thats definately my dolphin tattoo and it looks like my dog, Gidget, and we both were in LA yesterday killing time at a cafe waiting for our 1.5 hour delayed flight back to NYC so my vote is yes, that is indeed Gidget, the humping dog! Attached please check out this cool article in the NY Daily News today about Gidget’s charity work.
    xx Mary

  • lisa

    Hilarious! So you were at Cafe Marco’s? I thought I had been had …

  • Gidget Gormley: A Blog About a New Yorkie » Blog Archive » Gidget’s First Paparazzi Shot!!!!

    [...] Is this Gidget the Humping Dog? [...]

  • http://www.myspace.comtomhickey CeruleanWoW

    This is definitely Gidget!

  • myvideo downloader

    myvideo downloader…

    [...]Slackonomics: Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction » Blog Archive » Is this Gidget the Humping Dog?[...]…

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    [...]Slackonomics: Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction » Blog Archive » Is this Gidget the Humping Dog?[...]…

  • jobljobslworkplacelwork onlineljobs onlinelcareerlemployment

    jobljobslworkplacelwork onlineljobs onlinelcareerlemployment…

    [...]Slackonomics: Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction » Blog Archive » Is this Gidget the Humping Dog?[...]…

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