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Slackonomics: Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction

I (Heart) the Internets

So every now and then I check links to this website, and I saw a blog post written by Suzy who is actually a member of Gen Y (or the Millennials) but seems to have a very Xer-ish attitude, right down to blogging about how she’s trying to live within a budget: “This budget blog chronicles my valiant attempts to make a living off my writing and stay in the black…” Who knows how she heard about my book and website, but she read the INTRO online and liked what she read, and contributed her own analysis:

For instance – take social security (note: this is my own example, not Chamberlain’s). Scottrade Investing just completed a survey that noted that although 87% of Gen X’ers believe they deserve social security benefits from the government, most aren’t counting on actually getting any benefits. Other highlights from the survey:

43% believe they won’t be able to retire fully
26% aren’t sure they’ll ever be able to leave the workforce
37% predict they’ll need $1 million to retire
40% haven’t hit the $25 thousand mark yet
40% are saving more as a result of their insecurity over social security

I think those stats exemplify Chamberlain’s definition of creative destruction – because of all of the financial insecurity (first four bullets), Generation X will be forced to create a new economic reality for themselves (last bullet). Right now, they are just saving more, but will there be a reinvention of how we save for retirement, or protest that results in genuine change to the entire social security infrastructure.

I’m definitely encouraged by the fact that Millennials are relating to the book (‘Millennials’ seems like a much better term than Gen Y, which is only in reaction to Generation X — the same way we hated “boomerangers” and the like — but I digress). The fact is, a lot of the forces that came about when Gen X was coming of age are still very much in play. So, for instance, people like Rachel Balik, a Millennial reviewer for a website called PopMatters, liked the book for many of the same reasons that Suzy is relating to it as well. That is definitely a happy surprise…

Read Suzy’s blog post here.

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